Get the Best Supplement for Horses on the Market

Lifeline Equine Formulas by Jil Hinds introduces Muscle Max™, a revolutionary horse muscle builder, and Muscle, a dietary supplement for horses. Formulated by a team of horse health specialists in Arena, Wisconsin, Muscle Max elevates your horse's performance, lean muscle gains, and recovery to a whole new level. No other formulas on the market can pack on the lean, hard muscle as quickly and safely as our product can.


Unrivaled Strength and Vitality

Muscle Max represents a breakthrough in anabolic and ergogenic supplementation for equines. Its scientifically profiled formula is unsurpassed for increasing lean muscle mass and enhancing the performance of your horse. Our formula is presented in a strong carbohydrate base, which helps accelerate the absorption of nutrients. It also drives other ingredients into each muscle cell while preserving your equine's valuable protein reserves.

Scientifically Proven Equine Nutrition

Research has shown that volumizing the cell has a definitive and immediate impact on strength, workload, and protein synthesis. This process hydrates the muscle and increases glycogen synthesis to inhibit the breakdown of important lean muscle groups. Muscle Max takes advantage of the cell volumizing characteristics of creatine monohydrate and combines them with a complex combination of vital nutrients. These have been demonstrated to have a positive impact on nitrogen and energy metabolism, which can lead to improvements in protein synthesis, work tolerance, energy level, and recovery rate.

The Amino Acids That Your Horse Needs

Muscle Max further enhances its cell volumizing characteristics with the introduction of amino acids. Apart from playing an important role in nitrogen metabolism, these exert a strong anticatabolic effect on your horse and act as precursors for the formation of creatine. Lastly, the addition of a phosphate complex increases the phosphocreatine reservoir to extend your horse's energy level. It delays fatigue, enhances protein synthesis, and accelerates its recovery rate as well.

Promoting Healthy Muscle Growth

Hailed as the legal breakthrough to anabolic steroids, muscle ranks as one of the best horse nutrition products on the market. It's a concentrated liquid dietary supplement that contains the amino isoleucine, valine, and glutamine. The formula also consists of other nutrients, plant sterols, and complexes, such as ketogluterate (OKG). What sets our product apart is its unique cactus extract, which promotes the anabolic status of the horse while inhibiting catabolism or muscle breakdown.

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