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Based in Arena, Wisconsin, Lifeline Equine Formulas by Jil Hinds is the supplier of choice for horse joint supplements. Having worked with horses for more than 40 years, our products are each specially formulated to make your horses look and feel better and stronger. Copperquine, one of our best-selling products, provides optimal equine health and vitality. It addresses many health issues, including:

• Epiphysitis
• Oxygen Transport
• Free Radical Damage
• Bone and Cartilage Formation
• Cellular Protection
• Flora Production
• Microbial Damage
• Inflammation
• Developmental Orthopedic Disease

You Can Trust Our Formula

Copperquine is composed of highly bioactive components, minerals, and other nutrients. Based on the latest scientific data, our formula will help to ensure the highest degree of absorption and utilization possible while providing maximum protection for your horse. With the addition of the bioactive component lactoferrin, Copperquine facilitates maximum absorption and utilization of iron. This significantly reduces the amount of iron required for your horse on a daily basis and prevents the numerous problems associated with excessive iron intake.

Protect Your Horse's Health

Copperquine also contains lactoperoxidase, which has been shown to exert a strong anti-microbial effect against a wide range of microorganisms, while also enhancing the production of the beneficial flora in your horse's digestive tract. Lactoperoxidase even exhibits anti-inflammatory characteristics to help your horse recover faster. Vitamin E, along with the expensive and bioactive form of selenium, will provide antioxidant protection as well. It also extends the life of red blood cells, which are critical to maintaining cellular health of your horse.

Our Equine Fertility Supplement

Professional breeders will find Pro-Seed, our fertility-boosting supplement, to be a crucial tool for their business. It's primarily designed to strengthen your stallion's fertility and get it to its peak performance, which will ultimately increase the mare's chances of getting pregnant.

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