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Lifeline Equine Formulas by Jil Hinds are the preferred supplement brand for champion show horses across the country. Upon the launch of our horse supplements, they quickly became an overnight sensation throughout the equine community. There are hundreds of world and reserve champion horses out there that have been bred and raised using our different formulas. Our company has pioneered the field of equine nutrition since 1994. We offer safe and effective horse supplements that have been developed by scientists and researchers in Arena, Wisconsin. We strive to keep horses healthy, safe, and pain-free by building them up to the best that they can be.

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Bucket of Muscle Max

Muscle & Muscle Max

We're an industry-recognized company for horse health supplements. Our equine muscle-building formulas are designed to increase muscle mass and enhance performance and recovery rates. Read More»

Copperquine Label

Copperquine & Pro-Seed

With decades of experience with raising horses, we've developed potent horse joint supplements and fertility formulas. Our safe and effective equine formulas provide everything your horses need. Read More»


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